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At Eagle Express, we start by using a traditional method of cleaning by scrubbing the cuffs and collars. We believe if the method isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Then we use a non-toxic, biodegradable detergent to care for your garments. With this solvent-free method, we keep white shirts whiter and starched as requested, whether it be light, medium or heavy starch. With our system, we remember your starch preference and whether you like your shirts folded or hanging; most importantly we replace any broken or missing buttons for FREE. In the end, your shirt is hand finished and checked one last time for any broken or cracked buttons or any spots we may have missed. We don’t send your clothes home with you until we are sure you’ll be satisfied.


Dry Cleaning

We at Eagle Express use non-toxic, environmentally friendly chemicals. We have state of the art machines to handle designer garments and the most delicate of fabrics. We also specialize in removing stains like coffee, food, and yes even red wine, by pre-treating them before cleaning. We then use our environmentally friendly chemicals to make sure those stains come out and to make sure your garment don’t fade nor does its shape change. We then use our soft steam process to give each garment the quality touch it deserves.



Instead of buying new clothes because they are damaged or don’t fit anymore, we hope to apply minimal alterations and save you some money with our expert tailor who has 35 years of experience. We would hate to see you lose your favorite clothing.

Eagle Express Dry Cleaners Alteration Include:
• Hemming
• Waist Adjustments
• Shortening Sleeves
• Replacing Zippers
• Many more!


Hand Wash

Hand wash takes time and is only done by a few, including Eagle Express. We at Eagle Express still keep traditional methods for those delicate or embroidered clothing that requires this procedure. With 40 years of combined experience you can trust us with your clothes.


Leather, Suede & Fur Cleaning

These clothes require special care which is something many places can’t provide. Care and cleaning for these materials requires a professional’s hand. At Eagle Express Dry Cleaners, we make sure to have the skin reconditioned and looking brand new. You can trust us to have these garments cleaned without damaging them.


Wedding Gown and Preservation

Our experts at Eagle Express make sure your priceless wedding dress are taken care of the right way by hand washing them with precision. And in the end if you request us to preserve your dress we put them in acid-free tissue and in a specially designed box with a clear front cover. Come in and find out how much the cleaning for your wedding dress will cost.


Household Items

Our Services are not just limited to clothes. We also take care of blanket, comforters, duvets, pillow covers, draperies, table cloths, napkins and linens. You name it, we clean it.


Couture Cleaning

At Eagle Express, we understand that designer clothing requires extra care.  We take pride in going the extra mile to care of your couture clothing. You can trust our years of experience to make sure your garments are meticulously inspected and individually cleaned.


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